Dog Boarding Oakland NJ

It’s not always possible for your dog to go with you.

The Spotted Dog will treat your dogs like family while you are away.

We know that boarding can be a stressful time and we do our best to reduce stress while you are away.

At The Spotted Dog we provide a secure and fun environment where your pup can spend the day playing in daycare and outside on walks with our staff.

Rest assured, we’re committed to ensuring your dog has an enjoyable time throughout their stay with us!


Travel in peace knowing that your furry best friend is getting personal care and attention while you’re gone.


Our climate controlled environment is designed for your pet’s comfort and our expert staff provides constant supervision.


Your dog is never alone or bored here. Every day is filled with playtime and belly rubs.

What’s Included?

Our boarding facility is designed to reduce distracting or agitating noises, smells and sights from neighboring rooms. During the day, your dog may participate in our doggie daycare throughout the day and at night, your dog will retire to his or her private suite for a calm, stress-free night’s sleep.

Included in every boarding reservation:

Overnight suite accommodations

Daytime play in daycare
2-3 Outside walks per day
Feedings according to owners instructions
Medicine administered as needed

Boarding Requirements

We take dog safety seriously here at The Spotted Dog and for that reason we have the following requirements:
Proof of the following vaccinations:

  • Bordatella
  • Rabies
  • Distemper
  • Over 1 year of age dog must be spayed or neutered
    (for daycare play).

    Meet & Greet Appointment must be completed before reservation is made

    Boarding Pricing

    Standard Boarding

    $65 per night

    $40 for additional dog (in same suite)

    $25 Late Checkout (after 12 pm noon)

    Premium Boarding

    $80 per night
    $50 for additional dog (in same suite)

    Premium Boarding Includes:

    • Postcard from your dog sent via our app
    • Cuddle/ playtime 1 on 1 with a staff member
    • Stuffed Kong daily

    $25 Late Checkout (after 12 pm noon)

    Add Ons

    Kongs: $5

    Extra Walks: $15

    Treadmill (coming soon)

    Boarding Gallery

    Have You got the App?

    Available on the app store: The Spotted Dog – Jersey

    View photos of your dog during their visit

    Upload vaccine records and keep profile updated

    Schedule appointments and get reminders

    Message our staff

    Safety Protocols

    Cleaning Procedures

    We have strict cleaning procedures in place to keep our facility clean and disinfected at all times.

    Our disinfectant eliminates more than 50 viruses, including canine influenza and canine parvovirus.

    Active Pure®

    Indoors, at the Spotted Dog, your pet is protected by the world’s most powerful, protective and safest germ neutralizing system in the world, Active Pure.

    Active Pure has been tested and proven to be 99.999% effective in preventing the transmission of germs from one pet to another.


    We require the following vaccines for all daycare and boarding clients:

    • Rabies
    • Distemper
    • Bordetella

    Please make sure all your vaccines are updates in our app.

    Symptom Monitoring

    We check for any symptoms or illness when dogs are initially dropped off and monitor during the day. If a dog starts to show symptoms of illness they are immediately separated and all areas are disinfected. The dog parents will be notified and the dog will be taken to the vet if necessary.

    Let us take care of your best friend when you are away.